This is the starting page for albums with Black and White photo’s. I tried to arrange them in a somewhat logical way by theme, or processing, but found that very difficult. I was never really interested in B&W photography. In the analogue times, I made slides and sometimes had them printed which would not always turn out the way I wanted. For a short while I printed slides myself using Cibachrome (now Ilfochrome), but that was tedious and in the end very expensive. The final result could be really nice, but it was not easy and the process had to be highly standardised to yield reproducible results. It was not until Photoshop and DxO developed the capability convert into B&W that I got interested in B&W. When FilmPack with its film simulation came out, I started to experiment with it and after the integration into DxO OpticsPro I was myself converted into a B&W adapt. All B&W photo’s are processed from RAW using DxO OpticPro with FilmPack and ViewPoint. For final corrections, removal of unwanted things I use photoshop and for organisation, final cropping and printing Lightroom.

Theo Thepen